While browsing the EON 5 SKINCARE website you might be wondering if these products are good for your skin. Do they really work? Will they damage your skin? Can EON 5 SKINCARE help alleviate your problems of Acne, Uneven Skin Tones, Hyper Spotty Pigmentation, Dark Spots, Dry or Oily Skin, Shaving Bumps for men and even the Aging Process? Well it has been doing it for over 35 years since 1984. So many people are looking for a quick fix for such problems but EON 5 Skincare offers a better, more long-term solution than other companies who believe in merely providing customers a short-term solution.

Knowing about such problems in the skincare industry, EON 5 SKINCARE was developed in 1984 from people who care with amazing head-to-toe holistic professional and home care health and beauty systems. EON SKINCARE was developed as an effective and unique system that uses NO animal fats, animal oils or animal parts and NO sugar, alcohol, synthetics, silicone or caustic ingredients. Successfully used by men and women of all ages and skin color worldwide more than 35 years, EON 5 SKINCARE products were created to provide realistic solutions to skin, hair and nail care naturally.

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In the 1980s we noticed that people with skin problems were spending an exorbitant amount of money in skincare salons but were not getting the optimal results they desired. Seeing the issue in consumers being unsatisfied with their skincare results, EON 5 SKINCARE collaborated with Florence and Clyde Johnson of White Pearl / Fane’ International, whose vast skincare experience and formulation knowledge of 50 years, to help us develop the EON 5 SKINCARE SYSTEM for home use. The result was an excellent, botanical skincare system to give results similar, and in many cases better, than consumers were getting from skincare treatment salons.

Thirty-Five years ago, it was hard for people to believe that a truly botanical product line with programs that really work could be formulated. EON 5 SKINCARE along with the Johnson’s experience in the professional beauty and health care business was able to develop just that. Florence’s background as the owner and operator of a California State licensed Beauty College along with seven beauty salons dating back to the early 1960’s and several years serving as the Director of continuing education at the Estheticians Pharmacology Research Institute (est. 1974) made her the ideal developing partner as EON 5 continued it’s development for quality products for our consumer base..

EON 5 SKINCARE was designed and formulated for daily home care use with convenience by entire families while obtaining the same results as expensive high end salon treatments for a fraction of the price. As we sit here 35 years later, we are proud to say we have done just that.